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The 5 Days To Flip Challenge

The most comprehensive, yet simple to understand 5 days of training designed to help you
 understand flipping so well that sellers will thank you for making the offer!

Day 1 - Foundations of The 100k Flip

We will start this challenge on DAY ONE by showing you the benefits of flipping houses in your local market, and how to pick out a good deal from a bad one.  We also cover why you shouldn't wholesale, the process behind deal analysis, and choosing to make 100k deals.

Day 2 - Connect With Homeowners

Now that you've learned  how to find the right properties and how to structure deals, on DAY TWO you will understand WHY people will sell to you.  We discuss key offer strategies and learn why some people either sell or drown with the ship. You will learn how to build trust with potential homeowners, and how to position your offer.

Day 3 - Referral Relationships

You will find out how to create relationships that will deliver leads.  DAY THREE reviews the key relationships you MUST have, and how to begin those relationships.  We also cover how to use your unfair advantage when meeting homeowners.

Day 4 - Marketing Secrets

On DAY FOUR, you will create a marketing plan to keep your lead funnel full. You will be shown effective marketing methods, along with tools you can use to automate the marketing process.  You will also take a look into the mindset of someone who responds to your marketing.

Day 5 - Funding Your Investments

On DAY FIVE, you will know how to successfully fund your deals.  We will discuss what hard money companies are good to use, what they look for, and finally how to qualify and give them what they need. You will also start building the Team you need to execute your flips

Learn From The Best...

Rich Younglord

During this challenge you will learn closely guarded secrets that Rich Younglord has only shared with his ultra high-end masterminds! Whether you are a new investor, or an entrepreneur who is already generating 5, 6, or even 7 figures per deal, you are going to gain knowledge about flipping you didn't know existed.

Here's What's Included With The 5 Days To Flip Challenge...

  • 5 Days of Offer Training with Rich Younglord
  • Access to the 5 Day Challenge Facebook Group
  • The 5 Days To Flip Workbook
  • ​How to Dominate and Crush The Competition
  • ​How to Sell Anything to Anyone

Still Have Questions?

Who is the 5 Days to Flip Challenge NOT for?
Wantepreneurs and business opportunity seekers. This class is not a shiny object to be added to your collection of courses, books, and videos that you have still not completed. If you are curious about flipping but not serious, please don't waste your money or our time.
Is the 5 Days to Flip Challenge live?
Yes, the challenge will be live and recorded. However the recordings, will only be available in the Facebook group for a limited time after the challenge ends.  You should plan to complete the challenge before the Facebook group is deleted.
How does the 5 Days to Flip Challenge work?
Each day we will have a training complete with a live Q&A session. You are encouraged to complete the tasks provided and ask questions should you have any. | Copyright ©2022 | All Rights Reserved